fredag 16 september 2016

Paris Photographers

I am far away the only Paris photographer catching love couples in this beautiful city.
And I´m happy and proud to say that I am friends with many talent collegues here in Paris. They inspire me in my work everyday.
Yesterday we where celebrating Gloria Villa´s birthday, here together with some of Paris most booked couple/wedding photographers :-)
I link to all their websites below, so you can see their amazing work too :-) 

Fran Boloni & Gloria Villa

Fran Boloni 

Ian Holmes

Jacques Mateo

Federico Guendel

Mayel Kawai-Thévenin

And me...

Together we photo shoot hundreds and hundreds of couples every year in Paris :-)
And we think that we have the greatest work in the world, To meet and photo shoot so much love :-)
(Ps me in the middle of the picture)

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