torsdag 25 juni 2020

French Cancan

The positive thing with living in Montmartre and Paris, is that you always have so close to all artistic forms. And who doesn´t love the spirit of old fashion French Cancan (or can-can) 

I met up with Parisian Cancan dancer Marlène Lecoeur for a photo shoot in Montmartre

 Some of these pictures are available in my print shop and if you can´t find your favorite, just email me and I fix that :-)

Have a great day!

onsdag 24 juni 2020

New Webshop!

I know, it´s been ages ago I wrote something on my blog! Don´t even know if someone still visits here lol :-)

I hope all of you are fine, during these strange and new times we are living.. For me it has change a lot, as a photographer I more or less live on the tourist business in Paris, and due to Covid-19 I lost all my clients this year :-( It´s tough to say the least..

So during confinement/lockdown in France that lasted for 2 months, I started to build /create my new webshop with my photography prints, and I would be more than happy if you visit! All photos by me of course
 printed in Paris and framed by you. And I deliver world wide of course :-)

In the webshop you will find more than 180 different motives and I update often. I also put photos up on requests, so if you can´t find what you´re looking for, please don´t hesitate to send me a email.

If you are a follower of my blog I offer you a buy 3 pay for 2 :-)

Use code: Magdalenas blog

Please visit or share my shop here

All the best!