fredag 30 mars 2018

Happy Easter with Megan & Jake

We wish all happy Easter and holidays ♥

First time I met Megan and Jake was in Paris 2.5 years ago, they booked me to photo shoot their engagement pictures at the Eiffel Tower. Jake had just proposed to Megan a day before at Disneyland in Paris, that was in December 2015 ♥ You can see those pictures here>>

Second time we met was in Venice in September 2016, and we took some amazing photos there, pictures they used for their wedding invitations :-) See the pictures here>>

Third time we met again was for their fabulous wedding in Benidorm, Spain! See the pictures here>>

And of course, meeting up so many times in different countries made us friends for life ♥ So of course, when they choosed to celebrate their first year wedding anniversary in Paris, we met up again in Montmartre :-) For drinks, dinner, lot´s of talking and laughing and some photos again ♥

Have a happy weekend!

torsdag 29 mars 2018

Spring in Paris!

Spring is officially open i Paris :-) Today's photos from Eiffel.

The trees blooms during separate weeks in Paris, so don´t worry, it´s still more to come. My favourite spot for Cherry blossoms is at Notre Dame and they bloom around 20-25 of April.

torsdag 8 mars 2018

International Women's Day

To all strong, beautiful, struggling, sexy, independent, mom´s, daughters, sisters and hard fabulous working woman out there, have a strong day today and forever ♥♥♥

onsdag 7 mars 2018

My photo studio

Min fotostudio/kontor ser nog mer ut som en blandning av studio och antikhandel ;-) Här blandas det friskt med små antika saker jag hittar på marknader i Paris, och sånt jag även kan använda för fotografering. Välkomna in i min värld där jag spenderar mest tid!

Jag har det mesta som behövs för en studiofotografering (allt syns inte i bild) och det som får plats på en liten yta.

De som känner mig sedan tidigare vet att jag gillar klockor ;-) Kan man ha för många???

Sa jag antikhandel???

Japp, det var en inblick i min studio hemma i Paris ♥