onsdag 18 april 2018

Honeymoon in Paris ♥

What better and more romantic idea can it be than to celebrate your Honeymoon in Paris, the city of love and light! ♥♥♥

And if you also are so lucky that you time the exact perfect week, when the Cherry Blossom blooms in Paris, it´s Jackpot!

And that was exactly what Christina and Dray from Denver, Colorado did :-)


It don´t get more romantic than this I think ♥♥♥

tisdag 17 april 2018

Cherry Blossom in Paris

There is nothing that compares as when it is cherry blossom blooming in Paris, especially at Notre Dame! It´s hard to say exact when it will be, but sometimes in April and it last only for about 10 days, maybe less.

So when it happens it goes virtual insane on Instagram ;-) And it is the perfect moment to photo shoot with a model or a love couple. 

Model: Alexandra Freeman, dancer at Moulin Rouge, Paris.

fredag 30 mars 2018

Happy Easter with Megan & Jake

We wish all happy Easter and holidays ♥

First time I met Megan and Jake was in Paris 2.5 years ago, they booked me to photo shoot their engagement pictures at the Eiffel Tower. Jake had just proposed to Megan a day before at Disneyland in Paris, that was in December 2015 ♥ You can see those pictures here>>

Second time we met was in Venice in September 2016, and we took some amazing photos there, pictures they used for their wedding invitations :-) See the pictures here>>

Third time we met again was for their fabulous wedding in Benidorm, Spain! See the pictures here>>

And of course, meeting up so many times in different countries made us friends for life ♥ So of course, when they choosed to celebrate their first year wedding anniversary in Paris, we met up again in Montmartre :-) For drinks, dinner, lot´s of talking and laughing and some photos again ♥

Have a happy weekend!

torsdag 29 mars 2018

Spring in Paris!

Spring is officially open i Paris :-) Today's photos from Eiffel.

The trees blooms during separate weeks in Paris, so don´t worry, it´s still more to come. My favourite spot for Cherry blossoms is at Notre Dame and they bloom around 20-25 of April.

torsdag 8 mars 2018

International Women's Day

To all strong, beautiful, struggling, sexy, independent, mom´s, daughters, sisters and hard fabulous working woman out there, have a strong day today and forever ♥♥♥

onsdag 7 mars 2018

My photo studio

Min fotostudio/kontor ser nog mer ut som en blandning av studio och antikhandel ;-) Här blandas det friskt med små antika saker jag hittar på marknader i Paris, och sånt jag även kan använda för fotografering. Välkomna in i min värld där jag spenderar mest tid!

Jag har det mesta som behövs för en studiofotografering (allt syns inte i bild) och det som får plats på en liten yta.

De som känner mig sedan tidigare vet att jag gillar klockor ;-) Kan man ha för många???

Sa jag antikhandel???

Japp, det var en inblick i min studio hemma i Paris ♥