onsdag 31 oktober 2018

The Ballerina ♥

Living in Paris sometimes gives you the perfect opportunities to photo shoot amazing people ♥
This photo shoot was one of those ones..

I had the honor to photo shoot Brittany Cavaco, a American ballerina who visit Paris this summer.

The Louvre Museum

Ballet has always fascinated me, the hard work and so many years and hours of training behind to control your body. 

Pont Alexandre III

Hope you enjoyed these photos ♥

Ballerina: Brittany Cavaco
Photos:© Magdalena Martin

lördag 27 oktober 2018

October wedding in Paris

Still in October it feels like summer in Paris and the weather has been amazing. One early October morning a met up with a lovely couple from Sweden to take their photos before they went to the Swedish Embassy in Paris to get married. 

Shoes from Manolo Blahnik

Stunning couple in so many ways, it was a pleasure to be their photographer

All photos are taken around Ile Saint-Louis in Paris, one of my favourite locations to photo shoot ♥

måndag 22 oktober 2018

Autumn in Paris ♥

A 1940´s inspired and styled photo shoot with model Alexandra Freeman in a autumn dressed Paris ♥

Clothes, hair and makeup 
by Alexandra herself. Location choice and photo by me, as usual ;-)

Fabulous morning light in the Tuileri Garden 

Model: Alexandra Freeman
Photo by Magdalena Martin