söndag 28 augusti 2016

PS new header and name on blog

Hi friends!

For those of you who might be "old" followers and readers. I have change the name on the blog since many years now :-)
I have noticed that some of you still link to me as "Inspiration & Inredning" or Magdalenas Hem
But since I moved to Paris in 2013, I change that :-)
 And I would be super happy :-) :-)  if you also would take the time to change that to:

With love from Paris! 

Kemal & Vedranas bröllop i Paris

 Kemal och Vedranas bröllop i Paris är något jag alltid kommer hålla varmt i minnet. De gifte sig i Paris en tidig vårdag 2015 med närmaste familj och vänner samlade.
VI fotade runt om i Paris under ca 5 timmar.

Their own story:
 “Our first trip together was a weekend trip to Paris and ever since that time, Paris was in our hearts. Two summers ago we made a road trip from Malmö down to the French Riviera. It was no question about us stopping by in Paris for a few days. We stayed for three days and it was the best days of our lives. Everything was just incredible. The weather was sunny and hot, Paris was stunning and the feeling we had was indescribable. We where in loved and could not stop thinking about the city.

 When we came back to Sweden it was time for us to plan our wedding. We where supposed to have a traditional wedding with all our family and friends but it did not feel right and the whole traditional wedding concept did not feel like it was what we really wanted to do. Suddenly, Kemal said what if we got married in Paris?
 We immediately started to do some research about getting married in Paris and we made one more trip to Paris to settle everything. 
The planning went pretty smooth, but how can anything be difficult when you are in the most romantic city in the world?
 We flew to Paris two days before our big day with our closest family. The guest list was pretty small and we were a total of eleven persons. I will never forget the butterflies and all those feelings I had these days before our wedding and I was so happy that I got to share them with my closest ones.
 We got married at the Swedish embassy in Paris. It was pretty romantic and intimate, with all the candlelight and flowers. The wedding officiant read a beautiful poem and almost started to cry because of all the emotions in the room.

 After that we meet up with our photographer, Magdalena Martin. The photo session was so much fun and Paris really showed itself from its best side. We shot at different locations, like Pont Alexandre Bridge and Notre Dame, and the whole photo session felt like a fairytale. Magdalena knows Paris so well, she knows every street and corner and she knows exactly what makes a picture wonderful. It was so great just to follow her lead and leave everything to her and to know that the pictures will be beautiful.
 People where cheering and giving us their best wishes, we were amazed over the amount of joy and happiness we got from complete strangers, but that is just Paris in a nutshell. The locations where incredibly beautiful and Magdalena is really the best photographer you can work with. It was the best day of our life and we where on a cloud nine.
 That evening we had our wedding dinner at the restaurant, Maison Blanche on Avenue Montaigne. Everything was impeccable and just how we wanted it to be. They took our request and made them even better then we ever could imagine. Everyone was just blown away with the service and the food and our wedding cake from Ladurée was an absolute success. 

"On the most important day of your life it's crucial that everything is perfect. That's exactly what our day was and Magdalena's enthusiasm and great work was a big part of it. She is not just a photographer, she is an artist with an incredible eye for details and for what makes a picture beautiful. We had so much fun together and would recommend her to everyone who wants a wonderful experience and amazing pictures. We could not be happier with our photo session! " - Vedrana & Kemal, Sweden.
Photos by Magdalena Martin

fredag 26 augusti 2016

Jake & Megan in Paris

 En väldigt tidig morgon vid soluppgången, dagen innan Nyårsafton, träffade jag upp Jake & Megan vid Eiffeltornet. Jake hade bara några dagar innan friat till sin Megan vid Disneyland Paris, och nu bokat en fotografering med mig för att föreviga detta :-)
 Jag gillar siluettbilder, de görs bäst vid soluppgång eller solnedgång.

Louboutin Paris, inköpta dagen till ära :-)
Coolt på bild, men "aj!" att gå i ;-)



 Vi fick en sådan fin kontakt, jag, Megan & Jake, att de bokade mig för deras kommande bröllop i Spanien nästa år! (2017)
Och det är alltså detta underbara par som jag fotar i Venedig om några dagar! Bilderna kommer de att använda i sina Bröllopsinbjudningar.
Vi kommer ha så otroligt kul och jag hoppas på superfina bilder med detta kärlekspar, det ska bli så kul att se dem igen :-) 

Se deras Venedig bilder här>>

Photos by Magdalena Martin