onsdag 23 januari 2019

Snow in Montmartre ♥

Even if I´m from Sweden and pretty used to snow, after 6 years in Paris this starts to feel exotic. 

 It rarely snows in Paris, maybe once a year and if it does, it only stays for a few hours. So if and when it does, as a photographer, you just HAVE to photo shoot it ♥ :-)

Snow or rain, they always leave the tables outside, every day of the year ;-)

At Place du Tertre even the artists takes a break, no point to paint in the snow..

Looking pretty in the snow ♥

Feels like Christmas all over again ;-)

Hope you enjoyed ♥

All photos copyright Magdalena Martin, all rights reserved

torsdag 3 januari 2019

Ny återförsäljare i Sverige - KollaShop

Jag börjar året med flera nya återförsäljare av mina bilder :-)
Detta är en av dom, Svenska företaget KollaShop
NI hittar några utvalda bilder i limited edition här:
Dessa bilder finns enbart att köpa hos KollaShop ♥
De har även en PopUp Store på Götgatan 31 i Stockholm.

Happy New 2019!

May all your dreams come true 

torsdag 27 december 2018

Christmas Greetings from Paris ♥

The days before Christmas, Alexandra came back to visit Paris again and we took the opportunity to do some photo shoots ♥

Place Vendôme

Pont Neuf

Happy Holidays

Model: Alexandra Freeman
Photos by Magdalena Martin
Coat: @collectifclothing
Shoes: @bannedapparel
Petticoat: @mamzelleswing
Dress: @heartsandfound